Central Pa Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics

ACEND Programs in the Central Pennsylvania (CPAND) District

Preparing students for careers as registered dietitian nutritionists (RDN).


Future Education Model Graduate Program

The Pennsylvania State University 

Program Director: Dr. Gina Pazzaglia, Phone: (814)865-1857, Email: gps3@psu.edu


Didactic Programs in Dietetics

Mansfield University

Program Director: Dr. Mary S Feeney, Phone: (570)662-4553, Email: mfeeney@mansfield.edu

Messiah University

Program Director: Amy B Porto, Phone: (717)766-2511 (3938), Email: aporto@messiah.edu

The Pennsylvania State University

Program Director: Dr. Mary Dean Coleman, Phone: (814)865-2138, Email: mdc15@psu.edu

Dietetic Internships

Geisinger Medical Center

Program Director: Ms. Renee Winter-Bertsch, Phone: (570)808-7803, Email: rsbertsch@geisinger.edu

PA Department of Health

Program Director: Stephanie K Bender, Phone: (717) 941-9207, Email: stepbender@pa.gov

Messiah University

Program Director: Ms. Michelle D Sanford, Phone: (717)796-1800 (2399), Email: msanford@messiah.edu

Educational Pathway for Nutrition and Dietetic Technicians, Registered (NDTR)

There are currently no programs in this district in the educational pathway for nutrition and dietetic technicians, registered (NDTR)

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